Perhaps you have reached a time in your life when suddenly you are not sure which direction to go, or maybe you feel lost.  Or perhaps you have a phobia or past trauma which is holding you back which stops you getting the most out of live now. 

The Covid pandemic may also have prompted you to stop and take stock of  how you spend your time –  but given the many practical considerations of; family, finances, health and so on you are not sure how to make necessary changes.

If you are struggling with lifes problems or feel like you are ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’ – then I can help you.

I can use hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) or life-stream coaching – or a blend of any of these disciplines to give you a tailored approach that suits you best.

This flexibility extends to when and how we connect because using technology it is possible to work with you even if you are in a distant country. Given the current pandemic – virtual therapy sessions are increasingly the safest way too.